Your Guide To The Best Low-Carb Meal Delivery Services Of 2022

Your Guide To The Best Low-Carb Meal Delivery Services Of 2022

If you prefer heat-and-eat meals over a meal kit, Trifecta is the way to go. To suit all net carb preferences, there are three low-carb options: keto, paleo, and an à la carte option that lets you mix and match bulk proteins (like chicken, salmon, and bison) with non-starchy veggies such as broccoli, asparagus, or mushrooms to fit your macros. All meals come ready-to-eat with instructions for stovetop, microwave, air fryer, and oven reheating.

Better yet, there’s a lot of variety in meal cadence. Trifecta offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees, plus the option to add an extra meal to help you meet macro goals. You can choose from two to four meals per day and five or seven days of the week. The entire kitchen is gluten-free and peanut-free, and you can also opt for meals without dairy and/or soy.

Example Meal:

Grilled Salmon with Pesto

-Beanless Chili Con Carne

Sustainability & Quality: Trifecta makes food quality and sustainability a priority. Ingredients are sourced from local suppliers with sustainable practice and organic when possible. Meat is grass-fed and fish is wild-caught. While not 100% green, Trifecta focuses on recyclable and biodegradable packaging wherever possible.

Price: From $8 per serving

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