You Won’t Regret Hiring a Pro For This One Air-Improving Home Task

Remember the last time you changed your HVAC filter? Probably not. “You should check your filters every month for 1-inch filters, and every three months for 4-inch filters,” says Viviane Essex, the National Install Merchant for HVAC systems at The Home Depot. “A dirty filter is the No. 1 reason for a breakdown for both the heating and cooling systems.” Why? Air filters trap all the dust, pet hair, and airborne particles circulating in your home. If it’s not changed often enough, the airflow through your system becomes restricted and can ultimately cause a breakdown. Think of how a hairdryer clogged with lint can result in burning out its motor. Plus, as filters become clogged, your air conditioning and heating have to work harder to push the air through, taxing the equipment and causing it to operate less efficiently and ultimately increase utility costs. 

When you’re shopping for a filter, pay attention to the ratings—the higher the rating, the more and smaller particles that it can trap (for example, some highly rated filters can trap smoke and virus particles), Essex explains. So you never forget to change your filters again, sign up for The Home Depot’s convenient air filter subscription service and get free delivery—plus, they have the pros you need to evaluate your system’s health and work on any necessary tuneups, all at your fingertips.

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