Yearly Horoscope & Major Transits

A new eclipse series could affect the economy starting on November 19, 2021, as these lunar shape-shifters begin sweeping through the “money signs” of Taurus and Scorpio. For the next year, these eclipses will be interspersed with those on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, altering commerce and community at once. 

This is the first time we’ve had Taurus/Scorpio eclipses since November 2012 to October 2014, which was a time of economic turnaround in the United States and turmoil in other parts of the world, such as Greece, Venezuela, and Russia.

The first eclipse is in Taurus, the sign of finances and material security, and it may be a sneak preview of the fiscal reforms ahead. We have our sights set on April 30, 2022, when a Taurus solar eclipse makes close contact with Uranus, the planet of technology and upheaval. The global economy could make a major pivot.

Is the world ready for a new monetary system? Well, a prior Taurus/Scorpio eclipse series brought us the euro, which began to officially circulate as coins and notes in 2002. Just like in 2021, this was a year when eclipses also fell on the Gemini/Sagittarius and Taurus/Scorpio axes, shifting global and economic policies.

The next round is certain to bring a new wave, and perhaps, as we’ve predicted for several years now, the “internet of the economy” will be fully born.

Wishing you a happy, healthy 2021.

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