Why You’re Getting A Headache Post-Workout & How To Manage It

To prevent post-workout headaches altogether, Ruhoy emphasizes the importance of adding electrolytes when hydrating, the day before, directly before, and during exercise. 

“Electrolytes improve the osmolality of the plasma and hence our kidneys won’t flush as much free water out,” she explains. “So added electrolytes can help maintain the intravascular volume.” In other words, this helps to keep the blood circulating properly in the brain. 

Williams also recommends stretching the head and the neck or applying a heating pad to the back of the neck to loosen and warm up the area prior to working out. 

Paying attention to breath and activating the parasympathetic nervous system can also be critical, according to Johansen. “Research has shown pranayama type breathing training, like the infamous Wim Hof Method, can help regulate your parasympathetic regulation, reduce proinflammatory cytokines, and increase anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10,” she says. 

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