Why You Should Set Intentions Instead Of Resolutions For 2021

The pause of 2020, though challenging, can be used as a powerful lesson to keep our minds oriented inward. Why? Because always focusing on the external world isn’t healthy. Being forced to feel the discomfort of being alone and even “bored” was good medicine for modern times.

People learned to entertain themselves by picking up hobbies, like bread baking, putting together puzzles, and reading. Many of us reconnected to a simpler, more childlike version of ourselves and put more effort into reaching out to loved ones. Those moments of pause and reflection were necessary in our previously fast-paced world.

The virus and its effects likely won’t disappear in 2021. Meaning, this year may give us another year of introspection before we enter a “Roaring Twenties” of this millennium. Parties, malls, town squares, and close contact will be back—and we’ll have been longing for it. So what then? Will we go overboard and lose the value of stillness and rest?

Perhaps this is a chance to settle in the center, to find the dynamic balance between alone and bored, out and overwhelmed. The earth made a not-so-subtle suggestion in 2020 that humans need to rethink how we live. She’ll shake us off with another fever if we don’t take a hint. (So take the hint.)

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