Why You Need To Start Setting Boundaries With Your Time

There are a handful of different categories for boundaries (i.e., intellectual boundaries, sexual boundaries, material boundaries, etc.), and according to Tawwab, our boundaries with time are one area where we suffer the most. That said, she explains it’s also the area that we have the most control over.

“No one on this earth gets more than 24 hours in a day,” she explains, noting that if you find your time boundaries are continually violated, it’s because you keep allowing it. “It is your time, and you have the ability to say no around how you spend your time, or you can say yes to how you want to spend your time.”

After all, Tawwab adds, our time affects the ways we can enjoy life. Yet we give it away, without even realizing it. “When we say yes, we’re giving away time,” she says.

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