Why You Get More Pessimistic As You Age + How To Combat It

Since every encounter is shaped by either fears or goals, the natural first step is to create enough milestones that your brain stays in this goal-setting mindset. The problem is, says, Kotler, many people stop setting goals once they’ve reached a certain societal threshold: “You got married—maybe that was a goal. You had kids—that was a goal. You got a house—that was a goal,” he explains. “We hit our early thresholds, and we’ve stopped setting goals. As a result, the system goes, ‘Well, if you don’t have any more goals, I want to keep you safe and help you survive.'” 

The solution? Don’t stop creating goals—not just process-oriented, daily goals (although these are great, too) but long-term dreams to reach. Of course, you want to keep them realistic—shoot for the stars, just make sure you have proper aim—so try to create tangible, specific plans. “You want to chunk those [long-term goals] down into hard, one- to five-year goals,” Kotler says. Perhaps start with setting intentions for the year or creating a vision board to map out your strongest desires. 

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