Why You Feel Creative In The Middle Of The Night, From TCM

Back to the scenario we mentioned above: If you experience a wave of emotion (so intense, say, it wakes you up), “That’s your false energy, when your liver is kicking up,” Bourassa notes. In TCM, your liver is the organ responsible for a smooth flow of emotions (in addition to its basic functions) so when it’s imbalanced you may experience an overwhelming sense of energy. If it’s always at the same hour each and every night, á la the Chinese body clock, it’s an even bigger clue. 

To get your liver function back on track, there are a number of routes to follow: In TCM, you can try food, manual, or movement therapies, as well as acupuncture to optimize balanced, long-term health. Bourassa also touts the importance of deep, restful sleep: “You’re supposed to be having optimal REM sleep in your ‘liver time,’” she notes. Research has even associated an increased “liver fire” with insomnia. So if your liver function is keeping you awake, “You’re not getting a chance to fall asleep and really restore that yin.” That’s why focusing on good, quality sleep is key (here’s how to approach sleep from a TCM perspective and catch more Z’s). 

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