Why Sleeping On Your Back Makes You Snore & What To Do About It

Aside from your sleep position itself, which is probably the biggest factor to keep in mind, some other ways to mitigate snoring include avoiding inflammatory foods, as well as avoiding eating and drinking alcohol close to bedtime. All of these things can contribute to constricted breathing.

Before bed, you can try doing a facial steam, putting on a nasal strip, and/or using a humidifier, to open up those airways. Another pre-bed ritual to consider is using a sleep supporting supplement, like mbg’s magnesium+, to help you achieve more restorative sleep.* And of course, staying hydrated never hurts to loosen up mucus.

Whatever works for you to help stop the snoring—do it. Not only is it affecting your breathing at night, but that translates to less energy during the day. When we can breathe well all through the night, we wake up feeling rested and ready for that day, and that’s what good sleep is all about.

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