Why NakedPoppy’s Awaken Eye Cream, According to a Dermatologist

Why NakedPoppy’s Awaken Eye Cream, According to a Dermatologist

After trying serums, retinol treatments, and countless masks under my eyes, I’ve become pretty well-versed on what works for the sensitive area. My regular testing made me think eye cream was a scam, as it often failed to produce the same results.

Then I tried the Awaken Eye Cream; it not only lived up to my high expectations for an efficient under-eye product, but the formula quickly became one of the best that I’ve ever used.

There are a few reasons why I swear by this tube, but I’ll start with this: My concealer has never looked better. I haven’t struggled with creasing, clumping, or slippery under-eye coverage since I started using this cream. And before you ask—I haven’t changed my go-to concealer.

What’s more, my under-eye shadows have essentially faded away, even on days I feel exhausted. Like me, you’re probably wondering how this magic works, so I asked board-certified dermatologist Hadley King, M.D. to explain the hero ingredients before Naked Poppy’s formula. 

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