Why A Derm’s 72-Year-Old Mom Loves Banana For Smooth Skin

“Bananas actually have a lot of properties that are beneficial for the skin, which is why they’re so popular in at-home DIY facial masks,” says Turegano. 

But let’s break down said properties: Specifically, bananas contain significant amounts of potassium, which can help support hydration and counteract fluid retention in the skin—that’s why many eye cream formulas feature banana extract, as it’s great for reducing puffiness and bags. 

They also boast a load of antioxidants, says Turegano, including vitamins C, E, B, and A, which can help combat free radicals, manage oxidative stress, and protect against photoaging. And on the subject of skin aging, bananas are also rich in silica: This mineral plays an important role in collagen synthesis, which in turn keeps the skin firm and taut. 

A final note: Research shows that bananas’ phenolic compounds even have antimicrobial properties. This becomes important for acne—not that bananas can penetrate deep into pores, like a tea tree oil or salicylic acid, but the antimicrobials do have an inflammation-calming ability to help manage irritation and sore blemishes.

And get this: Most of these properties, the above study found, was actually concentrated in the peel. Maybe that’s why Turegano’s mom used the peel, rather than slathering on the goop itself (unless she just already ate the banana—that works!). 

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