Why A Balancing Mist Is The Best Post-Workout Hair Product

When my strands desperately need a refresher post workout, I grab one of my many facial toner sprays that I have turned into a multitasking heros. These sprays are loaded with soothing actives, like rosewater or aloe, so often infused in hair care products as well. And when used on the hair hydrate the strands itself, while also acting as an astringent for scalp sebum, antibacterial for grime, and anti-inflammatory for irritation. A not so subtle bonus: They also help with smell, as they are often naturally perfumed with their botanicals. 

I dampen the root, focusing on my hairline and part, and then gently tousle the area to encourage lift and work the product into the skin at the same time. For extra volume, you can take a blow dryer (on lower heat), and quickly blast the wet areas to help achieve your desired style (for curly haired-folk, consider a diffuser). 

To set expectations: You’re likely not going to get the same effect as you might from a fresh shampoo and restyle. A full styling session, this is not! But it is a way to make sure your hair is hydrated and scalp soothed between sessions. 

And a balancing spray at your roots is certainly not a new idea—hair care experts and amateurs alike love sprays for the scalp and strands. There are mists that shield your hair from environmental aggressors. There are restyling sprays, perfect for infusing bounce and hold for waves and curly haired folk. There are scalp toners for those wearing protective styling. However, dry shampoos tend to get most of the attention post workout, so I think it’s a good reminder that there are better for your scalp alternatives. 

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