Which Of 6 Eye Shapes Do You Have + Makeup Tips For Each

Eye makeup is among the most finicky products nestled in your cosmetic bag. Not only does it take shear precision (liquid eyeliner: Say no more), but it also requires targeted technique—depending on your lid and bone structure, you may have to wield your mascara wand at a slightly different angle or streamline your shadow. In other words, getting to know your eye shape can be key. 

Ask any makeup artist: In addition to knowing your undertones, understanding your own eye shape can really help you achieve your end goal, whatever it is. Of course, makeup won’t transform the outline of your eyes (nor should it!), but you can use shadows, liners, and the like to accentuate the eye shape you have. Not to mention, different eye shapes require different moves to achieve various looks.

Here, we tapped two pro makeup artists for their best tips, so you can successfully tailor your eye makeup products. These tips, of course, aren’t set rules—think of them more as touchstones to flatter your specific eye structure and make those orbs pop.

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