When To Use Each One

“Fluid boundaries are boundaries which are flexible,” licenced psychoanalyst Babita Spinelli, L.P., tells mbg. Meaning, a person will assess the situation and allow for some wiggle room when appropriate. “An individual with fluid boundaries creates more room in a healthy way, emotionally and physically,” Spinelli says.

As long as it’s not a toxic relationship, fluid boundaries allow a person to set parameters around a situation without controlling or manipulating it. This type of boundary-setting leaves room for productive, hard conversations where each individual can both accept and respect the other person’s feelings and non-negotiables, Spinelli explains. 

“Fluid and clear boundaries are game-changers,” mental health counselor Ilene Smith, M.A., writes for mbg. “They reduce stress on our relationships and increase our ability for self-care, attunement, and well-being.”

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