When Is Drinking A Problem? How To Reassess Your Relationship With Alcohol

Monument connects you to personalized evidence-based treatment methods that include a combination of community, therapy and/or medication, via an accessible digital platform. It’s based upon the principle that changing your relationship with alcohol is a dynamic process, support is accessible at any moment, and treatment should be individualized. The platform helps members determine their course of action based on their unique needs and goals, whether that means moderating their drinking or stopping altogether

What’s more, Monument offers a sense of community: it’s a supportive social network that combats isolation and emphasizes accountability. Monument gives members the autonomy to make their own healthy and productive decisions with their treatment teams, and ultimately, empowers them to gain the tools to lead a productive and fulfilling life, on their own terms.

If you feel like any of the information and advice above applies to you or someone you care about, learn more and connect to a therapist and/or physician through Monument here. Whether you’re confident you need support, or it’s something you simply want to explore, there’s strength in knowing what’s available to you, and that you are not alone.

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