What Your Feelings Are Telling You & Why You Should Listen

Our feelings of insecurity and lack—which come in various forms, such as anxiety, guilt, shame, aloneness, emptiness, envy, jealousy, resentment, and so on—are letting us know that our thoughts and actions are out of alignment with the truth and that we are abandoning ourselves in various ways. These feelings are letting us know that we need to attend to our emotional or physical self-abandonment.

We abandon ourselves when we define our worth externally, which leads to feelings of insecurity and a need to try to control others. These types of feelings are a signal that our thoughts and actions are coming from our ego-wounded self, which is programmed with the many false beliefs we absorbed as we were growing up about what makes us worthy. Our ego-wounded self has no access to any source of truth, and these kinds of feelings can serve as a signal that we are very off in what we’re focusing our thoughts on.

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