What To Know For August’s Full Supermoon + How To Work With It

What To Know For August’s Full Supermoon + How To Work With It

The full moon in Aquarius will peak in skies just after 9 pm EST on Thursday, August 11—and if there’s one thing to know, it’s that this could be a challenging full moon for many. As Budd tells mbg, the moon will be conjunct Saturn, the planet of restriction, discipline, and hard work, potentially bringing up energies of struggle, frustration, delay, and low mood.

“It’s a serious punctuation to the several week Mars-Uranus-north node conjunction we’ve been having, which is now resolving,” Budd explains, adding that this month’s moon, opposite the sun in Leo, also squares both the north node and Uranus, which have been conjunct for several months.

“This unique ‘T-square’ formation is a tense aspect that could bring an urge to revolt against whatever seems to be holding you back,” she tells mbg. This will have personal and collective implications, with the potential for changes or a movement towards a resolution to a problem. “The ruler of this Aquarian moon is Uranus, so its position conjunct the north node and squaring the moon make this full moon extra potent and significant for many, and challenging for some,” Budd adds.

And when thinking about full moons in general, remember that they represent a peak or culmination of energy, often related to something that began around the new moon two weeks prior, or in this case, even the new moon in Aquarius we saw back in February.

“Aquarius is normally about freedom and progression, and Saturn is about restriction, rules, order, structure, so these two energies together are paradoxical,” Budd notes, explaining that this moon is an opportunity to merge those two influences.

“Aquarius’ ruler Uranus has been squaring Saturn for over a year. That square has relaxed, but this moon echoes that long initiation we’ve been through—with COVID restrictions and mandates, people desiring freedom, disparate priorities, etc.,” she says. “There is something of that tension in this moon, too, so examine where you feel bound and where/how you strive for freedom,” she adds, suggesting to ask yourself how the two can coexist, and where you must make sacrifices in your freedom in order to experience stability.

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