What To Expect During The “7” Month

Other than the master number 11, 7 is the most spiritual number in numerology. The number of the philosopher and the seeker, the 7 loves to gather knowledge and then share its findings with the world. It is very grounded and methodical in its approach to life, much like the 4 energy behind the year 2020 as a whole.

If numerology is any indication, the coming month will support spiritual awakenings and epiphanies.

You may not consciously be pursuing them, but they will most definitely find you! Maybe you’ll be taking a walk when a sudden aha moment hits, or a conversation with a friend will spark your next big idea. December will be filled with spiritual activations and deeper truths that will begin to come to light for all of us.

Also, don’t be surprised if you feel a bit antisocial this month. The 7 likes to isolate itself in order to go within, and it knows that solitude is a powerful way to access, integrate, and understand greater truths.

Oftentimes people come to me in a year or month 7 worried that they suddenly don’t want to socialize or speak with anyone. This is totally normal!

Don’t guilt yourself if you are feeling more like hibernating than ever—especially during the chilly winter months of such an intense year. It is OK to take space and time for yourself, to shut off your phone and disconnect from the world. In fact, it might be just what you need to make space for insights to come to you.

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