What That Means & How To Get There

Understanding our body and its daily shifts is key to fully caring for ourselves. Skin is not only the largest organ we have but is a reflection of every aspect of our lives. Our diet, mindset, stress levels, hormone balance, daily habits, food, lifestyle choices, and/or environmental surroundings all show up through our skin. Have you reflected lately on what can shift or be improved in your life? We easily forget the connection our lifestyle has to our body, especially during a tough winter season.

When it’s cold, we don’t move as much—therefore, our body’s circulation is not at its optimal state. With suboptimal circulation, every cell in the body suffers because they’re receiving fewer nutrients. Lack of circulation is instantly reflected by dull, lackluster skin. Implementing daily or even weekly facial massages has immediately improved my skin’s overall complexion and glow.

How else can we prevent dry skin and keep it glowing during the winter season and year-round? Here are some quick tips that can help enhance your skin’s natural moisture barrier and give you a radiant optimal glow.

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