What It’s Like To Live With Endometriosis & How I Overcame It

Fast forward two years, we moved to New York. My marriage broke down. I then started my own company and was going through a divorce. The pain was back and, at times, it was unbearable. 

As I boarded a plane to visit my family Summer 2018, the pain was so bad the cabin staff put out a call to see if there was a doctor on the flight. Luckily a pharmacist responded and gave me a strong painkiller. 

I finally got home but I couldn’t stand up or sleep. After numerous hospital trips back and forth they found I had Stage IV Endometriosis and it had infiltrated my colon. Three weeks later, I went through a full hysterectomy and a colon resection. The surgical team had started with a less invasive laparoscopy, but they found my organs to be so deeply infiltrated, they had no alternative but to open me up. It was incredibly hard, physically and psychologically. 

I then went through what is referred to as ‘surgical menopause’. This is when surgery, rather than the natural aging process causes a woman to go through early menopause. My doctor gave me excellent guidance and explained what that meant and what symptoms I should expect; I had hot flashes, sleepless nights sweating, and I would cry for no reason. She prescribed a hormone treatment, and after about six months of taking it, I had some side effects which included tremendous pain in my legs. 

I then did some research of my own until I finally managed to find the best prescription for me: bio-identical hormone treatment. The main difference between synthetic hormones (the ones created by pharma companies) and bio-identical hormones is accuracy. Bio-identical hormones replicate the molecular structure of naturally produced hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, etc.), resulting in a hormone that functions far better than synthetic forms. This deserves another chapter in itself, as it has worked like magic. 

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