What It Means To Pull A Tarot Card In Reverse

If you pull a card in reverse, one thing’s for sure: It’s an invitation to look at the card a little more closely. Only then can you determine whether the reverse meaning actually resonates.

Take the Fool card, for example. As the first card in a traditional tarot deck, it’s about new beginnings, leaps of faith, and expansion when pulled upright. Pulling it reverse, however, doesn’t necessarily mean those themes aren’t still present—you just might not want to take it completely at face value.

Tarot reader and founder of Witchy Wellness Leah Vanderveldt previously told mbg, in the case of a reversed Fool pull, it’s a call to check in with your intentions and intuition. Maybe you need more concrete plans before you embark on a new journey, or you have to review what’s in front of you before taking that leap.

Again, as Matassa explained, it’s about looking closely at what needs to change or be adjusted, in order to get that card upright—as well as figuring out how you might be resisting positive aspects of whichever card you pull.

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