What It Means & How To Work With Its Fiery Energy

Merrick notes that we’ve all learned to associate the color red with “stop” over the years. So it makes sense that those with red auras are showstoppers in their own right. “They’re unapologetic, grounded, confident, loyal humans. They tend to be more analytical and they love truth,” she says. “They’re outspoken and in touch with the physical world around us.”

And while they are quite adventurous, Merrick notes that those with this aura color don’t always do well with change. “They’re fearless in a lot of ways but like to do things their way. Flexibility and change are hard for them, and that relates to the root chakra,” she says.

Overall, though, they’re very passionate and often express a need to lead. This is a very active color engaged with the physical world (as opposed to purple, for example, which is more of a “head in the clouds” kind of aura).

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