What It Is + How Long It Lasts

Mercury is all about communication, technology, and travel, and even once it goes direct after a retrograde period, you may still encounter some issues during the shadow period. “Basically, you shouldn’t rest on your laurels too quickly just because a planet turns direct,” the twins explain.

They note that over the next few days, you may be unable to form a decent sentence, send an email to the wrong person, have a hard time making decisions, and even flake on promises.

That said, your best bet is to take things slowly, and abide by the general standard protocols for mercury retrograde, like proof-reading, backing up your technology, and potentially even avoiding travel. Oh, and don’t text your ex!

As the twins note, this shadow period, or “retroshade,” as they call it, “can be a powerful time for integrating lessons that we learned during the retrograde fog.” Just remember, they add, “we may still be integrating the wisdom and [feel] unable to rush ahead with clarity.”

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