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When you receive a past life regression therapy session, the therapist guides you into a relaxed state (not unlike hypnosis) and prompts you to recall memories from your past lives.

Barham, who’s been doing past life regression therapy for over 20 years, explains that this can help you identify details about the individual you were, the circumstance of your past life, key events, places where energy or emotions have been blocked or stuck, and even other people in that prior lifetime that may be here now.

In a session, you also might be guided through the death of that past life and into the realm between lifetimes, she adds.

There, “we can do a life review and look at the lessons [from past lives] and how they might be impacting the person.” Once someone figures out what aspects of their past lives they’re carrying into their present one, she says, “we do additional release work to let go of whatever they’re still carrying from that experience.”

In this work, it’s not uncommon to call on higher guidance, whether from a spiritual guide or your higher self. Barham notes her clients will “often get some pretty deep and helpful guidance for the next steps in their current life or an overall message.”

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