What Is The Kivin Method? Diagram & How To Try It

Communicate with your partner about if they’d like other areas stimulated. If your partner is into it, you can slide a finger into either the vaginal opening or the anus while using your tongue.

“Not everyone likes penetration, or penetration coupled with cunnilingus,” Moon notes, though. “So ask your partner if they want to be fingered while you eat them out. Don’t just assume it’s always on the menu.” 

Using one of your free hands, you can also gently stimulate the perineum. For many, this is one of the best parts of the Kivin Method, and some say you may be able to feel this area pulsating when the receiver is close to climax. This isn’t proved to be definite, but it’s worth a try! (Here’s how to have a blended orgasm, aka a clitoral and vaginal orgasm combined.)

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