What Is The Ferber Method? We Explain The Sleep Training Program

The Ferber method differs from other “cry it out” methods as it does involve checking in on the baby during crying spells—however, these check-ins are short, spaced out, and eventually weaned out entirely. “The Ferber method teaches caregivers to allow babies to cry for increasing intervals before comforting them. For example, after you first lay them down, you leave the room and allow them to cry 5 minutes before you check on them, and then 10 minutes, and then 15 minutes,” says Walker. Most experts and parents consider the Ferber method to be the gentler version of the “cry it out” styles. 

However, on the other end of the sleep-training spectrum, the Ferber method differs from other programs as it doesn’t allow for holding. “There are many methods, but the main difference between most methods is whether or not you pick the child up when they are crying. In the Ferber method, you do not pick them up,” she says. 

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