What Is Lucuma Powder? Benefits & How To Use It

Lucuma fruit grows on lucuma trees, endemic to the Andean lowlands of Chile, Ecuador, and Perú. To make lucuma powder (or flour) the fruit is dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve its vital nutrients, and then milled into a fine, versatile powder. Because of its sweet taste and alleged health benefits, lucuma powder is used as a healthier alternative to sugar and other common sweeteners.

Naturally gluten-free and vegan, the lucuma fruit has a dry, farinaceous texture, and looks like an avocado crossed with pear. Tastewise, lucuma powder has a subtle sweet-potato-caramel flavor imbued with a maple-like profile, making it a desirable food flavoring agent and baking staple (think lucuma ice cream or lucuma-infused chia pudding).

While fresh lucuma fruit isn’t usually found outside of South America, its flour, pulp, and puréed variants are readily available across various health foods and Latin American grocery stores.

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