What Is Combination Hair? 5 Tips To Care For This Hair Type

Combination hair is a hybrid of sorts. Like combination skin, this moniker refers to a mane that’s oily in some places, drier in others. Oftentimes, people may discover it’s their roots that run oily, the ends of their hair parched dry—that’s because your scalp type can totally differ from your hair type. Again, we repeat: Your scalp is your skin, and like the pores anywhere else on your body, some people’s follicles can accrue more oil than others (due to genetics, hormone fluctuations, or what have you), even if the length of their hair remains dry (from aging, daily heat styling, or environmental aggressors). And there you have it: combination hair. 

This, of course, becomes a slight predicament when choosing hair care formulas to fill your arsenal. If your hair requires different plans of action (Say: clarifying, cleansing options for balancing oil; hydrating, nourishing ingredients to replenish dry strands), how can you approach both concerns without piling on products? 

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