What Is An Erotic Blueprint? What It Means + How To Find Yours

What Is An Erotic Blueprint? What It Means + How To Find Yours

For the energetic blueprint, energy is what it’s all about. People with this blueprint are aroused by space, anticipation, and teasing. According to Patterson, energetics are also often hyper-sensitive, and therefore less touch is more.

“They tend to prefer light, hovering touch, eye contact, using breath, etc,” says Deborah Davis, MEd, a certified clinical sexologist and Erotic Blueprint Coach.

People with the energetic blueprint often experience altered states, have non-genital full-body orgasms, and orgasm without being touched, she adds. Diving deeper, they may also be more intuitive, and their sexual connections are usually deeply emotional or spiritual experiences. As a result, according to Deborah Davis, “energetics may require a sense of safety to allow them to maintain arousal.” 

How to thrive: If you’re an energetic blueprint, don’t underestimate the power of your breath, says Lauren Johnson, sex educator and co-founder of sexual wellness brand Berry Lemon. “Always ground yourself and breathe deeply during sex,” she recommends. She also recommends couples try synchronized breathwork for increased intimacy and orgasmic potential.

The Energetic’s shadow: For the energetic blueprint, their shadow side may express itself as overwhelm, anxiety, and shutting down when things start to move too quickly or if the person feels overstimulated. 

Because of their tendency for overstimulation, energetics may want to try slowly and incrementally introducing more touch into their sexual experiences.

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