What Is A “Let Down” Headache & Why Do They Happen? From An MD

While there is no cure for migraines, there are helpful management techniques that may help keep them at bay. To avoid “let down” headaches in particular, make and stick to routines throughout the day. 

This four-step morning routine from two registered dietitians promotes hydration, gut health, and stress management. Since an unhealthy gut may lead to migraines, this particular routine provides a second layer of support. 

Establishing a midday ritual, to give your brain and eyes a break from the computer screen, is also a good idea. Whether you’re going out for a quick walk, taking time to de-stress, or making yourself a soothing cup of tea, be sure you partake in an afternoon practice at or around the same time each day. 

Sticking to a bedtime is not just for children. Sleep is essential for brain health and the management of headaches, so getting into bed and falling asleep at a specific hour each night can go a long way in managing pain.

Bottom line? “Our brain is a circadian organ. So it thrives on that circadian rhythm,” integrative neurologist and mbg Collective member Ilene Ruhoy, M.D., Ph.D., once told mbg. Keeping a routine as best as possible, even on the weekends, is one of the best ways we can support it.

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