What Is A Cut Crease? A 5-Step Guide For All Eye Shapes

“The good thing about it is literally every single eye can have a cut crease,” says Savannah St. Jean, makeup artist and owner of Savannah Rae Beauty. That is, anyone can create this striking beat, no matter your eye shape. The finished product may look a bit different, as everyone’s natural crease falls in various areas on the lid (some even lift at the corners, which creates more of a winged effect). 

Although, both St. Jean and Crimson note that this look was practically made for those with hooded eyes. Says Crimson, “If you have a hooded eye, you can create the illusion that you have more of a lid and a separate brow bone.” You’re quite literally carving your own crease here and offering more definition. “It gives [hooded eyes] more of a crease where they wouldn’t have it before,” Crimson adds. 

If you do have hooded eyes, though, you’ll want to make sure to keep your eyes open, looking straight-on at the mirror the entire time (when you apply makeup on closed lids it’s not too accurate, as the hood will smudge your progress once you blink those eyes open). When you apply that first coat of primer or concealer, perhaps go over your natural crease line and extend to wherever you want your faux “crease” to begin. Then resume with the rest of the above steps, using your new carved crease as your baseline.

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