What Every Sign Can Do Now That Mercury Retrograde Is Over

The first Mercury retrograde of 2021 ended on February 20, and now we can all start speaking a little more freely again.

After a choppy three weeks, the messenger planet wakes up from its befuddling retrograde and powers forward through Aquarius until March 15. With Mercury backstroking through dispassionate Aquarius since January 30, we may have felt robotic or cold in moments that called for a little more compassion.

If you found yourself at a loss for words—and quite possibly ghosting people because of it—you can reboot the signal and see if this issue can be talked out. With Mercury back on track, the chronic misunderstandings that disrupted life can give way to healing reconciliations. Contracts that were held up in red tape may finally move into the negotiation (and signing!) phase.

But don’t lose the important message Mercury retrograde taught about the pitfalls of skimming the surface instead of finding out what lies beneath. Even if you learned this in a tough-love kind of way, you can move forward with a new resolve to slow down, get every question answered, and read the fine print.

Two more Mercury retrogrades will occur in 2021, but for now, we can all breathe a sigh of relief! Here’s what every zodiac sign can do now that Mercury is direct (forward).

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