What Each Sign Needs To Know

What Each Sign Needs To Know

Prepare to shine under the full moon’s spotlight, Aquarius, as it lands in your sign and your first house of self, identity, and beginnings. As Budd explains, the focus here is on you, including how you present yourself, how you see yourself, your self-esteem, and how you assert yourself and your willpower.

“You may be experiencing a touch of frustration, restriction, or depression in one of those areas, since Saturn is a heavy influence in this part of your chart/life,” Budd says. But try not to stress too much, as Saturn is teaching you how to dig deeper. “In doing so, you establish a more solid foundation from which to base your feelings or actions,” she notes, adding Saturn may also be helping you better care for yourself, if mood, motivation, or esteem challenges are present. “Seek support if feeling low—you’re going to grow from the healing process!” she tells mbg.

In terms of relationships, Budd notes some Aquarians may likely be experiencing a relationship pinnacle, or a new connection (whether romantic, or otherwise). “Communication is highlighted right now, and there’s a healing opportunity within the sharing and expression,” she says, adding, “There could be something unexpected or especially important (an event or realization) for you in this full moon, since your ruler Uranus is in a strong square to the moon.”

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