What An Expert On Near-Death Experiences Learned From 1000+ Cases

According to Greyson, those who experience NDEs “often find themselves in some unearthly realm that isn’t the normal, physical world.” Although, he says, it’s difficult to explain with our limited language and logic—the afterlife transcends the universe, after all, so it’s hard for humans to paint an exact picture. 

That said, sometimes people interpret it as a tunnel—a long, enclosed area to travel from the physical world to the other realm. “But I’ve talked to people in less developed countries where there aren’t a lot of tunnels, and they’ll say they went into a cave or fell into a well.” Again, people tend to use their own frame of logic to describe what they experienced, so it may vary depending on the person. 

“Some people describe it in heavenly terms,” adds Greyson. “Some people describe it in pastoral terms, a beautiful garden or a lush forest. But most say, ‘I can’t describe it. It didn’t have features, but it had a feeling. I felt loved, and I felt warm, and I felt comforted, and I was not alone.” 

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