What A Urogynecologist Eats To Support A Healthy Pelvic Floor

While pelvic floor health may be commonly associated with older age and pregnancy, it actually affects everyone—regardless of age or gender at birth. In an episode of the mindbodygreen podcast urogynecologist and pelvic floor expert Betsy Greenleaf, D.O., explains “the pelvic floor is all the muscles and nerves and organs that make up our lower abdomen.” And one of its primary jobs: holding in urine, gas, and stool. These are things we’d all like control over, no? 

Now that you’re convinced of the value, you may be wondering how exactly you can strengthen and support your pelvic floor muscles. According to Greenleaf, one great place to start is your diet. Here are her four go-to foods for a healthy pelvic floor. 

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