What A Ketotarian And Intuitive Fasting Daily Diet Entails

Many of us deal with internal chaos every single hour of every single day. And when your body is out of balance it can be very difficult to discern what your body really does need. As a leading functional medicine practitioner, my passion is getting to the root cause of chronic health problems, allowing the body to restore its balance and rediscover calm.

And for many of us, food is a tool to help us take back control of our health and restore vibrant wellness. That is why I wrote my book Ketotarian, which details a (mostly) plant-based version of ketogenic eating plan—as a way to harness the benefits of both types of diets.

But, with so much going on in our lives, even the best laid eating plans can go awry if we are not first in tune with our bodies and what they need. That’s why in my new book Intuitive Fasting, I have created a 4-week intuitive fasting plan designed to go hand-in-hand with Ketotarian, so you can begin to listen to the still, small voice of your intuition that tells you exactly what to eat and when.

Each week focuses on a new aspect of fasting, to really reset your body, your intuition, and your health. But for now, let’s take a look at what one of my Ketotarian intermittent fasting days looks like:

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