What A Health Coach Does To Make Lasting Changes In The New Year

New Year’s Resolutions have a reputation of being overwhelming and unsustainable. Whether it’s because our expectations are unrealistic or our motivations are misaligned, we often forget our resolutions by the end of the year. To break that pattern, mbg consulted meditation instructor and certified health coach Pilin Anice.

While Anice is giving herself space to stay connected to her existing practices, like daily meditation and yoga, she’s not setting any new resolutions for herself just yet. “I’m really just flowing,” she tells mbg. As many of us learned from 2020, plans can change and we have to be willing to go with the flow. 

“Last year was a lot, and just because the year changed doesn’t necessarily mean we have completely healed from the trauma of 2020,” Anice says. “It’s going to take some time, so continuing to be with ourselves in a loving, compassionate, and gentle way—without feeling like there’s pressure to activate these new resolutions—is important.” 

Acknowledging that this is her own perspective, Anice says, “if you have the space to set a new intention or goal, definitely do so.” To embark on that journey, she recommends sticking to this 3-step formula, which has helped her create lasting changes in the past:

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