Weekly Horoscope For November 9-15, 2020 From The AstroTwins

These two heavenly heavyweights already joined forces on April 4 and June 30, arriving at the same degree of Capricorn—their first conjunction in the Sea Goat’s sector since 1771! Capricorn is the sign governing the economy, corporations and government, and indeed these areas have received quite the shakeup all year. Supersizer Jupiter, the planet of global connections, expands whatever it touches.

In Roman mythology, Jupiter (Zeus, to the ancient Greeks), is the god of all gods—the ruler of the sky and thunder. In mythology, Pluto (or Hades, to the Greeks) was the god of the underworld. Astrological lore contends that Pluto rules all things hidden—from viruses to government conspiracies. This shadowy sign governs death, rebirth and transformation that “rises from the ashes.” 

During a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (meetup), heaven and hell essentially come together. Perhaps pandemic is our purgatory—that midpoint between the two realms. Indeed, we are living in a suspended state as we quarantine and wait interminably for answers, test kits, vaccine developments, medical supplies and more. Here’s hoping this last Jupiter-Pluto alignment will illuminate the answers we’ve all been digging in vain to discover. (Read more about this fascinating alignment here.)

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