Weekly Horoscope For November 1-8, 2020 From The AstroTwins

Flip your focus from the past to the future. It’s time to stop dwelling (or at least tone it down) this Tuesday, November 3, as Mercury wakes up from its befuddling three-week retrograde through Scorpio and Libra.

Since October 13, churning emotions and “Should I have said that out loud?” obsessing was the norm. Coupled with election anxiety (which we believe should now be classified as an official psychological condition), it’s been pretty traumatic around these parts. No, everything won’t go back to “business as usual” overnight…or possibly ever. But Mercury’s forward march through Libra (until November 10) then Scorpio (until December 1) will give us a chance to review all the events that have transpired since early October. Accepting what’s before us doesn’t mean agreeing with it—not at all! But Mercury’s U-turn allows us to discern the facts and develop a new strategy based on what is actually happening. At time of writing, we do not know who will occupy the role of President of the United States from 2020-2024. Regardless, the road to recovery is long and winding, something everyone around the globe is grappling with this year.

With the messenger planet backstroking mostly through Scorpio’s esoteric waters since October 13, emotions may have overtaken everyone’s better senses. If you found yourself crying “inexplicably”—or for a damn good reason, you’ll have to admit that the tears were therapeutic. But enough of this three-hanky drama! With Mercury back on track, the chronic misunderstandings that disrupted the season can give way to healing reconciliations. Contracts that were held up in red tape could finally move into the negotiation (and signing!) phase—although you may want to comb things over until November 19 when the “retroshade” shadow passes. Don’t lose the important message Mercury retrograde revealed about the pitfalls of skimming the surface instead of finding out what lies beneath. Even if you learned this in a tough love kind of way, you can move into the spring with a new resolve to slow down, get every question answered and read the fine print.

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