Weekly Horoscope For Nov 30-Dec 6, 2020 From The AstroTwins

Now back to this whole confessional theme. The truth has been anything but self-evident ever since messenger Mercury slipped into Scorpio’s chamber of secrets this past September 27. But after an extended spell of gaslighting, muddled messaging and “Huh…What?” moments, the smoke will begin to clear this week.

With the illuminating Sun already firing arrows in the Archer’s domain (plus the upcoming eclipse) the cat not just leaping out of the bag. Most of us will be fiercer than a streak of tiger moms when it comes to defending principles and ideals. This impassioned cycle will certainly churn up lively debates.

But a warning: While you’re busy calling it like you see it, make sure you aren’t crossing the line into zealotry, or worse, getting locked in an echo chamber with people who agree with you, leaving no room for open dialogue to occur. Sagittarius energy is fiery. Whenever possible, restrict yourself from being reactive, and at least count backwards from ten when tempers flare.

Once you’ve said certain words aloud, you might even talk sense into yourself—or realize that you’ve been minimizing something that needs to be dealt with right away. Just don’t forget Mercury-in-Sagittarius’ finest offering: the gift of humor. Mark Twain, who was born under this sign, reminded us that the human race “has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”

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