Weekly Horoscope For January 25-21, 2021 From The AstroTwins

Spotlight your achievements: What have you been working on over the past six months, since the corresponding Leo new moon last August 18, 2020? Even if the developments are “invisible,” like a shift in beliefs or an inner transformation, share from the heart. You might even livestream yourself doing so, especially if your tales from the road could help other people. Under these magnanimous moonbeams, generosity is the order of the day.

And doubly so, since January 28 is also “The Day of Miracles,” when the shining Sun and bountiful Jupiter meet up at the same degree of the zodiac. This year, they’ll sing their dynamic duet in Aquarius, calling us to care for the collective and look out for each other.

Pluto and Venus are doing a sultry tango in Capricorn during this full moon too, which could amplify Leo’s sultry purr to a Bridgerton-style, “I burn for you” roar!

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