Weekly Forecast For January 4-10, 2021 From The AstroTwins

Normally, the red planet hangs out in a sign for eight weeks, but thanks to an agitating retrograde from September 13 to November 9, Mars stirred the pot in the Ram’s realm for six whole months.

After this frenetic cycle, Mars hunkers down in pragmatic, comfort-loving Taurus. Can we get a global exhale, please? Between now and March 3, everyone’s main job will be to sort through all the big ideas—and epic conflicts—that have been spun up since the middle of last year, especially ones (like, say, the U.S. presidential election) that heated up during the retrograde.

Rather than replaying every detail of the fight or jockeying for the upper hand, the focus shifts to finding real solutions. True, this might not be the most exciting eight weeks on the annual calendar. But don’t underestimate the slow-burning power of Mars in Taurus!

Like a cosmic contractor, this transit can help us drill down to the root of any issue, then force us to repair any foundational cracks that have been providing a false sense of security, at best.

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