Users Review mbg’s postbiotic body lotion For Dry Skin

And to offer insights in what sort of products to look into for yourself, personal reviews can shed some light on the product. A user’s honest feedback on an experience can help guide you when evaluating if something will work. 

On that note, we’ve been getting some pretty thoughtful and exciting feedback on our postbiotic body lotion. The body hydrator is a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, oat oil, and moringa seed oil as a conditioning base. These rich moisturizers offer loads of humectants, emollients, fatty acids, and lipids to cushion the skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in lasting hydration. Additionally, the formula folds in some high-powered antioxidants (a stable coenzyme q10 and a fruit complex) to help the skin fight off free radicals. These antioxidants also offer aesthetic benefits, like brightened tone, reduced irritation, and smoothness. But the stars of the show are the biotic ingredients, the pre- and postbiotics. These support your body’s crucial skin microbiome—which in turn can help reduce skin irritation, improve epidermal framework reconstruction, and overall improve hydration levels. It’s a multifaceted product that delivers on hydration. 

So, all of that explains the skin-nutrition end of the product, and now you’re likely curious about the experience. And in that case, the best advice comes straight from the buyers: Does it work or not? Here, what they had to say. 

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