Train the Olympia Way: Trap Muscles

When someone thinks about bodybuilding, biceps are normally what comes to mind. When they think about being lean, the popular muscle group associated with that is abs. If you see someone who either flexes into a most-muscular pose, or just walks around with well-developed trap muscles, the overwhelming thought is of power. If someone has big traps, they likely enjoy taking time out of their day to manhandle iron.

As cool as that may be, there is a bodybuilding benefit to having well-developed trap muscles. They make the perfect accessory for the delts, and they’re crucial when showcasing your back. That’s why these four Mr. Olympia winners have shared their advice on how they created their trapezius masterpieces.

The 29 victories between them are plenty of validation that they know how to talk and train traps. They do direct work, some with back, some with shoulders, and they find other ways to devote attention to them too. After you learn their winning ways, try the workout below for yourself.

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