Train the Olympia Way: Shoulders

You’ve likely heard the phrase “head and shoulders” above the rest. In bodybuilding, if you want to be at the top of the lineup, then the a pair of boulder shoulders are definitely required. Round and wide delts are a must if you want to be the last man standing at the Olympia — or if you want to stand out in your local gym.

Having big shoulders won’t just help you look better, but also make you stronger and healthier, too. You’re more likely to have stronger lifts, be more useful in everyday life (i.e. be able to lift heavy boxes with ease, compared to your small shoulder friends) and avoid injury easier. Nothing sucks more than a shoulder injury, so why not avoid that by making them as strong as possible.

The shoulder muscles, as you may or may not know, or separated into three main parts: the anterior deltoid (front of the shoulder), medial deltoid (middle of the shoulder), and posterior deltoid (the back). Certain exercises may stimulate one part of the shoulder over the other, which is why it’s vital to have a diverse shoulder workout routine. You can’t just stick to one move and expect to grow this vital body part out.

We’ve gathered the best exercises that five Mr. Olympia winners have relied on to take their shoulder development to world-class levels. Pay attention to the details as they have and you’ll reap your own rewards. To help with this, check out the workout at the bottom and try it out for yourself.

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