To the O We Go: Evita Breide

After earning her pro card with a big win at the 2019 San Marino Pro, Evita Breide is now ready to step on stage at the Bikini Olympia. We got a hold of the Spain-based bikini pro to find out how she’s been training and what she looks forward to as the Olympia nears.

What are you most excited about now that you’ve qualified for your first Olympia?
I am very excited to put the work in to bring the best physique up on that stage — I truly believe I haven’t seen my best yet. I am excited and honored to be able to stand beside the best girls in the industry.

How and when did you get into competing?
I started to compete back in 2015. From the first time I stepped on the stage, I fell in love and I knew I was going all in. From the very beginning I knew I would become a pro. I had this drive inside, which has never stopped.

When I was younger, I loved to read fitness magazines and girls I saw there, they were a true motivation for me. At that time I could only dream about the lifestyle I am living right now.

What do you love most about the sport?
The thing I love most about this sport is that it is so HARD. And I’m not talking about diet or training, but about life besides it. It hasn’t made this road easy for me. It’s not as hard for me anymore, because I have walked away from everything that used to hold me back.

I am living this sport. My feeling is like, I’ve lost and given up everything I could, so there is nothing more to lose, only gain. I have surrounded myself with people I love to be with, and who love and help me to grow. (I would have never reached this level without my coach & partner Danny Marquez being beside me and guiding me.)

This is the amazing part. This sport has not only taught me to have a strong discipline day in and day out, but it has taught me to be strong. I have become fearless, I am not afraid to get out of my comfort zone again and again (changing countries, places, etc.) I love the feeling that I am growing not only physically but also mentally. So I think the answer is, I love the mental side of it over the physical.

Have you had to change your training during quarantine? How have you been able to stay on track?
I’m from Spain and we were in a total lockdown for 9 weeks. I really don’t like to train at home, but there was no other choice. With very limited and lightweight equipment, I did not skip a single session.

All I was hoping was to get back in the gym, to have enough time to prepare.

Favorite body part to train?
Shoulders and Glutes (I love to see and feel the pump)

Favorite exercise?
Cable pull through

Favorite cheat meal?
I would have to choose from a good salad bowl, sweet potato fries, nachos, a burger, and ice cream (has to be Ben & Jerry’s).

Who is your inspiration?
I don’t really have an inspiration, but I like strong physiques like Angelica [Teixeira] And Narmin [Assria].

If you weren’t a bikini athlete, what would you be doing?
To be honest, I don’t know. I love what I do. But if my lifestyle would be a bit more flexible I would definitely travel and let my self enjoy holidays more often!

What has been your biggest hurdle when it comes to preparing for the O?
So far I feel amazing, and I have to say this is my best prep yet. The biggest hurdle will be the traveling, as we athletes from EU are hoping the borders will be open by that time. But the current situation going on is not the most ideal. There are possibilities and options to get to US, but basically for me personally, I was prepping for the biggest event of my career, without knowing if I will even be able to step on stage.

Has there been one particular moment in Olympia history that made you realize you had to stand on this stage one day?
Every year watching it, I become more and more willing to put that hard work in to it to be able to stand beside these girls, and the feeling that I can make it and I belong to it has not left me since then.

Follow Evita on Instagram at @evitabreide to keep up with her training and competitions. 

Muscle & Fitness will continue to highlight Olympia rookies leading up to the show, so stay tuned for more “To the O We Go” profiles. Buy tickets to the 2020 Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend HERE.

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