When we’re on a gym hiatus we need to take care of our upper body. Training posterior muscles such as our back, scapular muscles, and deltoids is crucial for maintaining good posture and avoiding the “hunched shoulders” effect.

If our posture becomes rounded from inactivity, it will force our spine to compensate when lifting and affect our ability to engage our core. Furthermore, functional exercises on these muscle groups are essential if you’ve decided to take up running while lifting is out of the picture. While running, your neck, traps and shoulders should always be relaxed and facing upright. If the shoulders become hunched, it puts a lot of strain on the chest and respiratory system, making it harder to breathe during performance.

This can be damaging for your health and thoracic spine.

Let’s take a look at three exercises we can add to our program to counteract both issues.

Ben Walker is an Irish personal trainer and strength coach at Anywhere Fitness. Based in Dublin, he is a fitness specialist that designs personalized plans for strength and endurance athletes at home and online.


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