This Supplement Pairing Is A 1-2 Punch For Nighttime Relaxation*

Rountree considers the ECS to be “one of the greatest discoveries in modern neuropsychology.” “We have this whole system, this whole body of receptors, that are in our brain, our central nervous system, our peripheral nerves, our gut. These cannabinoid receptors are everywhere,” he told Wachob. This expansive system of receptors is also referred to as the “master regulatory system,” as it helps the entire body maintain balance and homeostasis.

In addition to helping support a healthy endocannabinoid system, research shows that the plant compounds in hemp oil may be well-suited to bedtime because of the way they can help improve the stress response, which, Rountree says, “has this kind of cascade effect for sleep.”*

And when you combine hemp oil with two other potent botanicals that have science-backed relaxing properties—lavender oil and ashwagandha root and leaf extract—you have some powerful calm on your hands.* The supplement can be taken at any time of night, but you might get into a routine of sipping yours after dinner, with an evening cup of tea.

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