This Supplement Improved My Sleep Score After Years Of Issues*

This Supplement Improved My Sleep Score After Years Of Issues*

I also love waking up to see my sleep score. This number counts up the time I spent asleep (with an extra emphasis on time in REM and deep sleep) and my level of relaxation, as indicated by my heart rate and movement during the night, and presents it on a scale of 100. My goal is to be in the 90s each night.

On nights when I forget to take my sleep support+, it absolutely shows on my sleep score. Beyond feeling groggy the next morning, my score tends to fall short of my target and I experience energy dips throughout my day. On nights when I do take sleep support+, though, getting to 90 is basically a breeze.*

While I still need to remember to turn off my electronics, dim the lights, and stick to a relaxing bedtime routine, sleep support+ is the cherry on top of these healthy nighttime habits. It ensures that I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night, which makes it easier to hit those coveted deeper sleep stages, where most rest and repair occur.*

I feel the difference the next day. Since sleep (and a lack of it) affects everything from my mood to my diet to my productivity levels, a good night of it leaves me energized and ready to cross off my long to-do list. It also makes it easier to stay moving and tick off those other goals on my Fitbit. In short, a good night’s sleep supports just about every health goal I have—and I’m thankful to have found a product that helps me get it night after night.*

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