This Supplement Helps Me Recall Memories, Learn French & More*

This Supplement Helps Me Recall Memories, Learn French & More*

Like most people, I started to get concerned about my mental clarity, cognitive processing efficiency, and general brain health once I entered my forties. And with good reason—I recently read a study that suggested learning, cognitive flexibility, and overall mental performance peaks in our early thirties and becomes more challenging to maintain from there. 

This science really concerned me. As the president of mindbodygreen, I work with my brain every day. I also have young kids, so it’s extremely important that I’m able to work and support them (realistically, well into my sixties). That means my brain needs to be in tip-top shape—not just today, but for years to come. 

But lately, I’ve started noticing things like name recall have become more difficult. I can easily remember a movie character’s face or the cover of a book I’ve recently read, but I just can’t immediately remember the name of the actor or book author. 

I decided to start looking for a supplement that would enhance my cognitive function and brain longevity. The two ingredients that came up most often for supporting mental clarity and performance and promoting overall brain health? Neuronutrient citicoline (specifically, a form called Cognizin®) and antioxidant powerhouse resveratrol.* 

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